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How to introduce this year's Pantone colour in your little ones room
As they do every year, Pantone have released their 2017 Colour of the Year...GREENERY (Pantone 15-0343)...and boy are we excited!
Often green as a colour falls into one of two baskets for kids rooms..."Oh, we LOVE and want to spread the green joy...everywhere" or "Oh, it's such a hard colour to work into a space". So we thought we would find a happy medium between this two baskets and share a few perfect ways to introduce green to any little ones space, from walls through to accessories, introducing this fresh, fun colour is not as hard as you think.


 Paint..."Honey...let's paint"

The three words most partners dread..."let's paint this!", however a day spent painting a wall can change...EVERYTHING!!! Half wall, full wall...heck even floors...these stunning spaces make green look a lot more fun.

Growing Footprints Scandinavian Kids Room Inspiration Green Room
Image via Maaike Koster


Growing Footprints Scandinavian Kids Room Inspiration Green Room
Image via Inside Out Magazine, with styling by @jessicahansonstylist


Growing Footprints Scandinavian Kids Room Inspiration Green Room

Image via Erin Gate Design


Image via Douglas Friedman


Make a statement without going overboard

Sometimes introducing a bold colour into a room can be daunting, and often you don't want it to over power the space...because lets be honest, nobody wants their little ones room to look like a green unicorn vomited up in there.
Easy and simple ways of introducing a bold colour is to pick a feature piece and run with it, from a change table to curtains, here we see some great examples how to implement green, without introducing a unicorn.

Growing Footprints Scandinavian Kids Room Inspiration Green Room

Image via Decor Pad

Image via Little Liberty 



Image via Little Liberty


Let's accessorise

One of our all time favourite words...ACCESSORISE!!! Never underestimate the power of accessories, from books, to that perfect cushion to the placement of a rug...accessories can often MAKE or sadly BREAK a room. When opting for a bold colour accessory that you want to draw attention to the colour, think simplicity, often less can be best!

Image via Little Liberty


Image via


Image by Deonne Rowland of Odd Sock, Odd Shoe


Image via Little Liberty


So there we have 2017, you can find a way to "go green" in any little ones space, from taking a small step to a massive leap of faith, we think you will love the freshness green brings to a space. Make sure you play with the tones and spend the time to investigate which type of green is better for your little one's space. From painting a piece of furniture to a wall, green can be the perfect colour to add personality to your kids room.Well done on this colour choice Pantone...well done!!


Team GF xx
03 January, 2017 by Growing Footprints